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Solar design calculator

Using power load calculator, you can decide to choose the best inverter battery with solar panel solution for your home, hospital, shop, factory, school, etc. An inverter is the central component of power backup solution. It cannot be upgrade or downgrade in any situation after purchasing.

To simply this complexity, Loom Solar has developed home load calculator, so you can easily estimate your power backup solution.

We are giving some golden rules to calculate:
#1. Inverter Capacity 
= Double Size of Home Load after Power Cut
= Double Size * 1000Watt
= 2000Watt
~= 2kW
#3. Battery Capacity = 24V (i.e. 2kW Inverter comes in 24V)
#4. Solar Panel = Double Size of Battery Capacity
#5. Charge Controller = Not More than Inverter Ampere