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The Powerhouse

The environment is changing, and it demands a change in you. Now, you need to unravel the solar power in your everyday life with products that celebrate its usage. Make a precedent with your acts that will shape the future of your child.

The Greenhouse Effect

The Climate Crisis is catastrophic, and the faster we understand this, the easier it becomes to resolve the problem. So, hold on for a second and think are your decisions going to affect your planet adversely. Hold our hand to unveil the beauty of the solar world.

Nurture Nature

It is not the time to destroy the enchanting beauty of nature but to enhance it by embracing energy- saving products. Increased participation in creating a sustainable world includes making the right choices that bring you closer to nature and not distant from it.

Solar Panels

The potential to use solar energy efficiently is an art to live a life that includes products such as solar panels. The planned usage of solar power allows you to reduce the insurmountable problems related to the dependence of humans on non-renewable energy sources.

Make this World Better with Advon Industries


Defying all the odds and making a way to lead an empowered life, Advon Industries unveils to you an amazing line of products. This includes batteries with longer lives, robust inverters, solar panels, and other things that make your life smarter and easier. Our dedication to delivering you, the finest products lies in the abilities of our team of competent professionals. They shoulder the responsibility of providing you the finest products that improve your lifestyle. As of now, our five manufacturing plants including the one in Bhiwandi are adopting the latest technologies so that you receive the best experience. Advon Industries is not just any battery manufacturing company. We are an epitome of excellence as our team of experts continues to trample all the problems. These could be related to the development of powerful hardware, managing software for smart designs, and other energy technology issues. Our corporate office in Gurgaon is there to purge all your apprehensions about our manufacturing work. We believe in your safety and so we do not shy away from taking efforts to execute simulation experiments that involve the use of optimum power grid simulators. Our journey started with our passion to come up with something meaningful and handy for the users. That is why we have crossed the national boundary and have our clientele across many countries. These reputed ODM (original design manufacturers) customers have always expressed satisfaction in our work and we make sure that they never get disheartened.

All Roads Lead to Solar!


Keeps safe from global warming

Every year the production of electricity with the help of fossil fuels, coal, natural gas has been responsible for global warming. The pollution caused by the emission of hazardous and toxic elements in the environment gets reduced with the help of solar panel installations. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy doesn’t lead to the greenhouse effect. It ensures there is no water and air pollution.

Advantages of solar energy

To meet the growing energy demands is considered a challenge for mankind. However, thanks to the technological advancements in the solar energy sector that now you can utilize the sun’s radiation for generating electricity and many other important things. There are many benefits of adopting solar energy.

Saves Electricity Bill

Investment in solar installations is not only a way of protecting the planet but a great way of reducing the utility bill. The rising expenses in the home energy get reduced with the use of solar panels. Depending on your area a residential solar power system can generate more electricity than your consumption.

Unlimited source of energy

Solar energy is not only clean energy but renewable. Sun radiation is unlimited and you do not have to worry about it deteriorating with time. That is why in recent times the use of solar panels has increased and its cost has fallen. The energy from the sun is emitted not only in the clear but cloudy sky. All you need is the right solar installations.

Greater Life Expectancy

An average life expectancy of a solar panel installation is 25 to 30 years. This means you just have to do the investment once and it will offer you electricity for more than two decades. This way the cost incurred is less than the benefits you enjoy from the use of solar power. The latest technological advancements in this field have increased the efficiency of electricity production as well.

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