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Rechargable lithium E-SCOOTER/E-BIKE Batteries


Scooter Lithium lon Batteries are of high security and long shelf life, and with good consistency. The anode of the battery is made by the best security of lithium ion materials. Modular design is used to produce the battery. Besides, advanced battery management system (BMS) is available, which can control the battery intelligently.

ModelNominal Voltage (V)Nominal Capacity (Ah)Energy (Wh)Dimension (mm)Pack Weight (kg) Approx.
ADVON-400094822.51082138 x 195 x 1506.8
ADVON-4001048271299165 x 195 x 1507.6
ADVON-400114831.51515210 x 220 x 1609
ADVON-400124840.51948220 x 240 x 16010.5
ADVON-4001359.222.51332230 x 145 x 1508
ADVON-4001459.2271598230 x 170 x 1509.5
ADVON-4001572181332280 x 160 x 1604.5
ADVON-400167222.51665280 x 160 x 16010